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A Journey of Service

Imparting insight gathered over her 30-year career in the hospitality industry, Kiran Robinson shares her personal journey as she discovers the true art of hospitality.

Jenny Lynn
Best Selling Author, "Magnetic Love"

“If you truly want to master the art of service in all facets of life, look no further than Seva – The Art of Hospitality, and you will surely be inspired and moved by Kiran’s amazing life story that led her to discoveries she shares that you will surely treasure for a lifetime.”

Barbara Ralston
International Healthcare Consultant

Kiran Robinson’s new book, “Seva, The Art of Hospitality” is a powerful reminder to us that the concept of service is absolutely essential to human relationships. Especially in our ai technology powered lives, it is refreshing to walk with her through her journey of learning what it takes to truly understand and adhere to the platinum rule “ Do unto others as they would like to be done unto“.  Her human touch, eagerness to listen, caring, warmth, and stewardship of myriad and diverse relationships, should be required reading for business providers in every arena, consumers of services, and even families.

Maria Pajares
Mason Rose
Managing Director

A truly inspirational and personal account from Kiran Robinson who honed her skills in Seva-leadership within the hospitality industry, a sector like no other for instilling the joy and grace to be found in serving.  There surely couldn’t be a more appropriate moment in our history for a book promoting the art of selflessness in leadership to be published.  It is my fervent hope that every current or aspiring leader, whatever their field or age, turn to this book and find the motivation to lead with kindness and humility.

Ashley Copley
Hospitality Leader

Inspiring, authentic and personal. Seva-The Art of Hospitality is a wealth of knowledge into the philosophy, art, and mindset of service and hospitality. The inclusion of Kiran’s life events powers the book with depth and motivation. This is one of the best books in the field.

My New book - A BestSeller!

I am so honored and proud to have co-authored #myvoice Volume 5 with so many inspiring women.

Kiran Robinson

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