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After 30 years of working around the world in the Hospitality and Food Services profession, my vision and mission is to impart my experience to those who care as profoundly as I do about the art of hospitality. Serving others makes an enormous difference in the way we live and relate. So, I like to think of hospitality as a lifestyle!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

my career
From catering to private chef, concept designer and eventually managing  food services at a major healthcare provider, my career has been an incredible journey, which has literally taken me around the world. Here are some of the highlights.

I am a self-taught chef who loves food and creating unique dining experiences. Establishing my catering company was one of my first venture into the world of cuisine. We catered hundreds of events in Hong Kong, from small dinners to banquets feeding over 300 guests.


The recognition received from catering coupled with the knowledge that there was a need for niche products, led to the creation of my own branded label, Tazah. We supplied major specialty food stores and large grocery chains with creative products. Tazah naans became a great success.


Florals set the mood for entertaining, so I expanded my repertoire beyond serving delicious food, to delivering extravagant visuals. The colors, scent and natural beauty of flowers elevate the theatre and drama of any event. Designing and developing my sense of style with florals gave me great satisfaction when I saw the big smiles on my clients’ faces. 


Planning a wedding for a young couple was one of the most rewarding experiences in my career. From lavish, multi-event Indian weddings, to simple affairs in a private home, I relished the chance to bring all of my experience in food, decoration, florals and event planning into a such a special occasion. My aim was that every bride deserves a beautiful wedding!


I was presented with numerous design opportunities. From curating tablescaping for a photo shoot to decorating lobbies of 5-star hotels, I gravitated towards projects that nurtured my gifted side and that benefited society. From Hong Kong to San Francisco to Africa, I was blessed and instrumental in helping plan gala fundraisers for worthy charities.



Within a few years of moving to the US, I transitioned away from running my own business to joining a major healthcare provider in a food service managers role. I would spend the next 16 years honing my hospitality skills in both front and back of house. Working in a such a professional environment was challenging and rewarding. I learned to manage teams, develop major projects, re-define hospitality in a healthcare setting, all the while developing incredible relationships with colleagues and clients.


In 2007 I helped to form Malawi Children’s Mission, a charity that  addresses the growing crisis facing orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi, Africa. 

There is much joy in serving the children, I take away their beautiful smiles and hold them in my heart on every visit!


Having advised on numerous projects including the development of new restaurants, concept cuisines, I have worked with some cutting-edge chefs. Currently, I am devoting my time in Europe to writing about my experiences and encouraging others to re-imagine the art of hospitality. My first book, Seva: The Art of Hospitality is soon to be released.

my portfolio
Whether in front or behind the scenes, I crave the opportunity to deliver the most memorable experience in every meal, event or project. Here are a few snapshots of my work. Enjoy!
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