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Female Fingerprints: July 2022
Featuring: Hansa Pankhania, Director of AUM Consulting

Female Fingerprints is a monthly feature created to highlight women around the globe who have had an impact in their local communities and beyond. Each month throughout the year I will share some of the best and brightest stories of women who are making a positive and lasting imprint on our world.

Hansa Pankhania
Wellbeing is a Life’s Work

Wellbeing is something that each of us strives for to one degree or another. But is wellbeing a goal in and of itself? Or is it the actual pursuit of “wellbeing” that makes one feel more secure, helps one find comfort and happiness? This week’s featured female is someone who has made it her mission to explore the concept of wellness; and then share it through writing, coaching and speaking.

Meet Hansa Pankhania, a prolific writer, coach, speaker, a Fellow of the International Stress Management Association and Director of AUM Consultancy. To understand Hansa’s passion for the subject and study of wellbeing, one needs to appreciate her past.

Hansa’s memoirs, Best of Three Worlds, unpacks her diverse and multifaceted background. “Who I am and what makes me who I am in light of the African, English, and Indian imprints. What is my purpose, and do I have a legacy to leave for my future generations?” This was the story she felt needed to be told.

Humanitarian Community

It is not simple to share one’s life trajectory, especially one that is embedded in colonial history and cultural identity. But Hansa’s first-person account is captivating and soulful.

Her journey across three continents is considerately highlighted with insightful principles and practices that have helped her to deal with the stressful times in her life and sustain wellbeing and purpose. The practices she adopts are from Kenya, India, and England, three countries from which her ancestors originate. 

“We do not need collective splits of ‘I am Indian, Kenyan or English’, but rather, to come together as a humanitarian community….. I wish with my heart that my future generations will capitalize on their inheritance of these family values, thirst for education, and flair for entrepreneurship to make this a better and peaceful world for all living beings.”

Adorned in a gorgeous silk sari in vibrant colors, during one of her presentations.
Fluid Pen

The Best of Three Worlds is full of abounding literature that brings pause and reflection. It is poetic, and the readers have been thoughtfully provided with a glossary of Gujarati and Swahili words. An enchanting assemblage of food and roots entrenched in cultures.

An artistic and imaginative writer with a fluid pen, Hansa has traces of her fingerprints throughout this volume just as she continues to do in all of her work.

One of Hansa’s series of books on stress management.

Hansa has published six paperback books on stress prevention and wellbeing including a series of Stress to Success booksthat offer thought-provoking and motivational content.

Her latest series of Chakraji Children’s books, Chakraji and Calm Callum, Chakraji and Relaxed Ravina, Chakraji and Peaceful Pete, use imaginative, illustrated story telling, helping children to manage stress using natural interventions. All her books are available through her website and on Amazon. 

Wellbeing is our Greatest Asset

Hansa became interested in the field of psychology later in life. “I yearn for intellectual creativity and stimulation, absent in my monotonous job and domestic routines, so I enroll at university as a mature student…. I pursue a professional qualification in social care first.

The modules on psychology fascinate me. I am intrigued by human behaviors and drawn to their social and psychological aspects, so I decide to pursue a degree in Counselling Psychology. I adore university life. I love the learning environment and this feeling of strength in my psyche…. My fellow students think I am crazy, I do not care, I just love it!” 

An acclaimed Author, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, Hansa passionately guides you to integrate remarkably simple and small natural practices full of great tips and advice that will ignite wellbeing and happiness in your life. 

She believes that wellbeing is our greatest asset and essential to living our dream life and contributing to the greater good.  

Hansa spends time in nature with her family.
Reaching the World

This multi-talented lady, founder of AUM Wellbeing Consultancy and an Expert in Manager and Corporate Wellbeing has worked in this field for the past 25 years. Together with her team, she has been instrumental in providing her unique services to over 300 companies. 

Sedulous and meticulous, Hansa is presently working on her next book: Best of One Word, 100 Steps to Living a Sustainable Life. “My purpose is to spread wellbeing to the world and help all to live a life full of joy, meaning and of service to people and the planet.” 

As a proponent of wellbeing, how does Hansa practice self care? “I practice yoga and meditation, enjoy cooking healthy plant-based food and spending time in nature”.  

There is so much wisdom to gain from Hansa, her pragmatic approach to everyday affairs and the expertise she fervently provides.

Looking forward to her next book eagerly!

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