For those of you who know me, you will appreciate that I love connecting with people. That experience where you relate to the other person in some deeper way. There is something special about discovering others and finding a sense of unity.

Empowering others starts by making connections with people you meet.
An Inspiring Influencer

Last week I had the privilege of connecting with Neera Gupta, Chief Visionary Officer and Founder at Global Influencers Publishing House in Singapore.

An accomplished and gifted woman, Neera adorns many hats (entrepreneur, writer, marketing guru, to mention a few), with the core objective to connect hearts and minds of their readers and authors through the power of words.

Global Influencers’ aim to motivate, inspire, and empower has certainly transpired through their best-selling books: My Voice – A Collective Memoir by Women of Substance, of which Neera is a co-author; and My Voice – Stories of Transformation and Purpose by Women of Substance.

Neera and her team have recently released a 3rd volume of “the “My Voice” series, focused on “Journeys of Self-Discovery and Resilience”. The latest work is an ensemble volume of moving stories detailing the lives of twenty women from varied backgrounds around the world.

Near Gupta, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer - Global Influencers Publishing

Sharing Commonalities

After discovering that proceeds from book sales go to Singapore Children’s Society, I felt encouraged to share about the charity I helped found, Malawi Children’s Mission.

Our journeys seemed to have the commonalities that attracted us to each other. Like-minded people looking to give others hope; knowing that all is good and that there is one more person whom we can enrich and inspire. A bond from which we can glean from and find refresh.

Chatting away excitedly, I could feel our energy cords activated as we put words out there and finished each other’s thoughts. A connection was formed between us and before we knew, an hour had flown past. We parted with the promise of speaking again in the very near future.

Neera’s drive and passion is a testimony to the power of words.

Power - in sharing personal experiences via stories with people should not be underestimated.


Power – of positive change would not be possible without the stories.


Power - of connection can lead to doing great works through and in our communities.

The Strength of interconnections

It takes great bravery to come forward and share the painful and heart-wrenching stories and journeys that some of the women have experienced. It is their stories that have inspired other women who have been wounded, tormented, distressed and continue do so.

But it takes even greater courage to rise above the challenges. To make something of the tattered lives some of us face. Sometimes that takes connecting with people who are stronger than ourselves. Who can help us see beyond our limitations.

Neera’s efforts to highlight women of resilience is another example of the power of connections and community. Well done, Neera.

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