My Favorite Fragrance

I believe that every woman should have a wardrobe of perfumes. It seems almost obligatory that the scents we wear reflect both the occasion and our emotions. And since all women go through individual seasons of change, your favorite fragrances should mimic each moment of your life and lifestyle.

It wasn’t always easy for me to build and maintain a wardrobe of perfumery. Finding the right perfume collection is a process of discovery.

For many years I was a migraine sufferer, and therefore unable to wear just any scent for fear of it triggering an attack. The frequency of migraines meant I had to restrict my wardrobe. I eventually parted with my Chanel No. 5, Coco, Joy, Guerlain.

It took me years to find the right fragrance that I could bear and wear with confidence. The point is that the process requires discovery and patience; whether you wear many different scents or just one.


Soon after moving to California, I met with a young woman, who unbeknownst to me then, was going to become a close friend. Our meeting happened to take place in a private room devoid of any food, coffee, or flowers. As soon as she walked in, I was instantly intoxicated with a whiff of a sweet, fresh, floral, slightly powdery fragrance that immediately captured my senses.

After the preliminary introductions, I immediately asked her what she was wearing. She responded with a big smile that this was her favorite new perfume, and she was in love with it. She described how it made her feel confident, happy, and even glamorous all at once! I believe Anya was a gift from above.

Yes, you guessed it, I immediately went to Neiman Marcus to scout it out.

Admittedly, the discovery process for most women entails simply smelling and applying. However, that is just the first stage. There are online guides available to help us in the selection process, but ultimately the fragrance needs to be on your skin for more than a moment to truly know if it is right for you.

Even if you don’t suffer from reactions to the perfume, like me, start a new ritual when trialing new fragrances. Scents have various notes that change from when you first smell the fragrance to when it is applied. First, spray a tester card (avoid merely sniffing the bottle itself). Wave the tester card in the air to allow the scent to fill the air. Apply to skin only after enjoying what you smell in the air.

Once you have narrowed down your choice, apply to both wrists. Four hours after applying the perfume on my skin, whilst the ambrosial bouquet lingers, if there is no detection of any triggers, I will apply the perfume again. After two days I repeat this process.

Much to my astonishment, relief, and gratitude, ‘24 Faubourg Eau De Parfum by Hermès, became my special friend too, thanks to Anya.


24 Faubourg somehow captures my feelings and heightens my senses. The fragrance has a feel of celebration, romance, confidence, and empowerment. The delicately soft fresh floral notes of this magical creation are complimentary to my love of, gardenia, jasmine, iris, and hyacinth. The packaging is well described by Hermès as:

“A patch of light. A swathe of white flowers opening out in the sunlight, the mystery and sensuality of vanilla and sandalwood. Olfactory emotion: warm sensual. Main raw materials: orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla.”

24 Faubourg is the sole member of my perfume wardrobe and one of my most favorite discoveries. It helped me to redefine how I find that right scent for the lifestyle I want to lead.

Which fragrances heighten your senses?

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