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The Oyster is My World

My introduction to oysters was in Hong Kong on my 16th birthday. As a teenager you feel “the world is my oyster!” Little did I realize the oyster would become a huge part of my world.

Regional Cuisine: Provence

Of the amazing regional cuisines in France, Provence stands out as a favorite. And from the provincial capital of Marseille comes a well-known, and sometimes under-appreciated soup.

Female fingerprints: July 2022

This week’s featured female is someone who has made it her mission to explore the concept of wellness; and then share it through writing, coaching and speaking.

Èze with Ease
Chateau La Chevre D'Or

La Chèvre d’Or has been described as a “unique ‘diva’, timeless, a jewel sparkling above the Mediterranean.” It is designed for wellness and oozes with ease.

Milan: Alive

As I celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary in Milan, I cannot help but see a connection between the beauty of youth and the buzz of age. Milan is a city steeped in history, and perhaps past its prime. Yet, Milan is teeming with life.

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Who Is A Friend?

“There are friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for life.” (Anonymous)  Such is the law of impermanence.

Be Kind to Your Mind

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Thankfully, we have numerous resources to empower us to care for our own mental health and well-being.

Spring Cleansing
kiran-at-lemon tree

We all think of Spring as a time for “cleaning”. But I like to think of it as a time for “cleansing”. A refreshing re-start to welcome the new season.

Easter: A Message of Hope

In our ceaseless pursuit of life, it is worth pausing to reflect on what Easter truly means. A message of real hope.

Exploring Marrakech

Exploration should present a sense of the surreal. I certainly experienced moments of marvel and awe during my week in Marrakech.

The Pursuit of Exploration

As I prepared for an excursion to Morocco, I felt a sense of exploration. Discovery comes when we pursue exploration. You needn’t book a flight to become an explorer!

Some of My Faves
Èze with Ease
Chateau La Chevre D'Or

La Chèvre d’Or has been described as a “unique ‘diva’, timeless, a jewel sparkling above the Mediterranean.” It is designed for wellness and oozes with ease.

Roma: Where the Stars Shine

On my recent excursion to Rome, I had the enviable pleasure to visit some of its best restaurants. I came away convinced that Italian cuisine is what really illuminates this amazing city. Roma is indeed where the stars shine, Michelin or not.

Autumn Mussels

Summer is over, the trees are in their splendor and the autumn chill is upon us. And that means it’s time for mussels.

Crazy for Cappuccino

The cappuccino is an iconic drink and my favorite coffee whether morning, afternoon or evening. I am crazy for cappuccinos not only because it is a treat to the eyes, but it conjures up a unique sense of well-being. There is something about the clever combination of froth and espresso, brewed just right, that makes me go wild.

My Favorite Fragrance

Every woman should have a wardrobe of fragrances. It seems almost obligatory that the fragrances we wear reflect both the occasion and our emotions.

A Dozen Awesome Oysters

I’ve been privileged to have enjoyed oysters from around the world, which I thought I would share with other oyster lovers. Here are some of my favorites.

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